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Last revised:
December 12, 2019
STLE Houston Section 2019 Lube School

Please join us March 6, 2019 at Sasol Performance Chemicals (12120 Wickchester Lane, Houston TX 77079). Further information is in the links below.

Note: Ray Thibault has informed us he cannot participate in the Lubrication Fundamentals training due to illness. Marianne Duncanson has co-presented with Ray in the past and will be using the same presentation. If you have already registered for Lubrication Fundamentals (Track A), we assure you that the training will still be excellent. If however, you prefer to now register for track B or to receive a refund, please let us know.


Sasol Performance Chemicals

12120 Wickchester Lane

Houston TX 77079

Parking: While facing building, use parking garage attached to the right of building.

More details and Paypal link are below...

This is a link to the e-flyer for the STLE Houston Section 2019 Lube School.

This is a link to the speaker details and abstracts of the individual classes for the STLE Houston Section 2019 Lube School.

This is a link to the registration form for the STLE Houston Section 2019 Lube School. Please complete, save, and email.

If you are registering as a non-STLE member, it would be appreciated if you could go to the following link and print and bring your completed STLE membership application to the Lube School (or better yet, e-mail it with the registration to save on paperwork that day). No need to fill out the "Payment Information" section, as we will forward these to STLE as a group along with the fee. However, be sure to sign the section below the payment information block.
STLE Application

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